Top 5 Reasons to Let a Vampire Into the House

On Tuesday, the Black Lace vampire anthology Lust at First Bite which contains my short story “Understudy” was released in the United States!  

To celebrate, I blogged at Bonnie Rose Leigh’s blog about our fascination with these nocturnal bad boys and girls.  Now find a few fun reasons to enjoy this fascinating, blood-sucking icon.

Angela Caperton’s Top 5 Reasons to Welcome a Vampire Into the House

5) Year round Halloween decoration!

4) No need to spend money on bedding or food!

3)  No better means of rodent control.  Not extermination, mind you, but that vamp will have those little critters marching in formation!

2) No more need to face yourself in the mirror in the morning!

and number 1….

1) Designer hickeys!

You can find an excerpt from my short story “Understudy” here.

Look for Lust at First Bite at a bookstore near you, or order from on line retailers!

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