Review: True Crime Detective Magazines

True Crime Detective Magazines

Hanson, Dian (ED)
Godtland, Eric (author)
Published by Taschen Books
Hardcover, 23.2 x 27 cm (9.1 x 10.6 in.), 336 pages, $ 39.99

ISBN: 978-3-8228-2559-4
Multilingual Edition: English, French, German

Review by Drake

Thank you, god or goddess or blind chance, for Taschen Books and Dian Hanson, editor and visionary!

Gorgeous printing, a keen eye, and a stunning sense of design characterize the growing Taschen catalog of essential books on popular culture. One of the latest, the plainly titled, but beautiful True Crime Detective Magazines, by Eric Godtland, captures a stunningly iconic era of art and an evolving slice of the American psyche.

Well and succinctly written, the volume features brief essays on fetishes – bondage and smoking —  and then launches into a decade by decade analysis of America’s fascination with bad guys, and especially with bad girls. The 30s were the decade of the celebrity gangster, the 40s of bondage and rescue, the 50s the decade of the femme fatale reinvented as gang deb, and the 60s, of course, the decade of excess, the beginning of the end of innocence.

Marc Gerald contributes a warm essay on the final years of True Detective, the most venerable of true crime mags, and the volume concludes with biographies of artists and writers and a list of publishers. The content is uniformly entertainingly and insightful.

But the fine text is only the package in which the present is wrapped. Like other Taschen volumes, this one is a visual feast, featuring gorgeous color cover reproductions of dozens of magazines from the 20s through the 60s and a few internal pages, selected with impeccable taste and an eye for innovation and beauty. The images are breathtaking, narrative, and enormously fun.

If a book like True Crime has a flaw, the flaw is that the best a book like this can be is a peek into the antechamber of a vast palace of wonders wholly out of reach without at least an eBay strategy. Taschen deserves huge credit for what it has done so far to preserve art and culture that would otherwise be lost, at least to popular perspective.

I certainly look forward to more amazing books in the future.

“Making Rain” to benefit Conservation International

Over a year ago, I wrote a very short erotica story called “Making Rain” about a rainmaker in Midwest during the Dust Bowl.  The challenge I’ve had marketing the story stems from the fact that “Making Rain” is less than 1,000 words long. 

This little orphan of mine has finally found a home! 

I am very excited to announce that “Making Rain” has been selected for another Coming Together collection, Coming Together: Al Fresco, and will benefit the non profit organization, Conservation International.

Coming Together: Al Fresco is a collection of erotic short stories and poems with the common thread that all stories have an outdoor setting. 

Look for this collection on Earth Day – April 22nd – exclusively at All Romance eBooks!

“Making Rain”
by Angela Caperton

Two rainmakers meet in a space between time.
Can they call the storm?

Coming Together: Al Fresco
from All Romance eBooks
Available April 22, 2009

Two stories in ERWA’s Best of 2008 Collection!

I am thrilled to inform you that two of my stories, “May” and “The Adventure of the Gentlemen Travelers”, have been selected by the Erotica Readers and Writers Association to be showcased in their Best of 2008 Treasure Chest!

Both of these stories were written for the monthly ERWA Theme Weekends.

May” was selected for their La Petite Mort October Theme Weekend.  “The Adventure of the Gentlemen Travelers” was selected as part of their explorations of slash fiction in November.

The stories will be showcased with the other Best of 2008 stories in the ERWA Treasure Chest all year long.

Enjoy, and let me know how you like the stories!

Google says: Sexy Witches Are BAD!

As a review of past entries here will show, Drake and I share a love of vintage erotica.

The internet is full of repositories of imagery and prose from other times and the discovery of such sites is always an occasion of joy.

One of the  finest such sites is the Sexy Witch blog, which delights in exactly what its name would lead one to believe, imagery that celebrates the sexuality of witches as they have been portrayed throughout the last hundred or so years in books, movies, advertisements, and more esoteric places that might feature saucier depictions from hot websites called fuckedgay. Today we aren’t going into those waters though. But the sweet innocence of most of the content of the Sexy Witch blog speaks for itself and even the occasional full frontal enchantress is tasteful and restrained.

Anyone with even a casual interest in the way our Wiccan sisters have been pleasantly exploited should visit the site and enjoy its contents.

But now, if you click on the link I provided above, you get a

warning page from the good souls at Google who – thanks to some blue nosed internet vigilante – have chosen to classify the blog as potentially objectionable, presumably because it has bare breasts scattered among the fanciful ladies of Hecate’s clan.

Increasingly Google is becoming the Walmart of the internet – an inescapable and ruthless arbiter of puritanical morality. As documented by Eros Blog and many other observers, Google is introducing more sneaky, restrictive manipulation in their search engine, blog space, and image and video searches all the time, all in the service of the most dubious and inane brand of decency.

It’s enough to make you wish someone would put a hex on them!