Just Released! Darkness and Delight

“If I had to identify a common element across all these stories, I suppose it would be passion and my belief that the erotic love that grows out of passion is magic — black magic, whitemagic, and sometimes in-between.  Passion.  Even my big monsters are driven by it.”

That is from the author’s note to my collection of erotic short stories, Darkness and Delight , now available from Renaissance eBooks!  I am very proud of this collection and humbled by the kind words of writer, editor and critic M. Christian in his introduction.

From M. Christian: “Angela isn’t just a writer who gets things right, who tells only good stories.  Angela is awriter who does every little bit of an almost-impossible job excellently.  Take a look at this book, at any little bit of it, and you will see a shining point of brilliance.  She tells stories that live and breathe, that do so much more than just talking about sex.  She does it all – every little bit of telling a story – wonderfully.” 

Darkness and Delight contains 12 stories, 7 which have appeared in other places, and 5 printed here for the first time ever.

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