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“Tourist” Available as Podcast

My erotic time travel short story “Tourist” is now available as an audio podcast on Nobilis Erotica!

I am very grateful to Nobilis for including my stories in his wonderful series of podcasts. When he asked if I would allow him to present “Tourist” I seized the opportunity to have another story turned into a sexy audio treat. With how arousing this could end up being, we might have to consider shooting a video for it that will be on websites like sexm xxx one day! It is so cool to experience my stories in any medium, but in this sexy audio format, I love to to hear how the voice talent interprets my words. I am always delighted at the results! 

For “Tourist,” Nobilis tapped the beautiful voice of Rose Caraway of The Kiss Me Quick’s audio-erotica website.  “Tourist” is set in Berlin Germany during the 1920s, and with a scattering of German throughout the story, I knew the production might be a challenge, but my goodness, Rose did a beautiful job, German and all!  The podcast turned out amazing, and it gave me chill-bumps to hear my story so eloquently told. 

You can listen to “Tourist” at Nobilis Erotica, or you can download it from iTunes, and if you like what you hear, you can subscribe to Nobilis Erotica and The Kiss Me Quick’s podcasts and hear more sexy stories!

You can also check out my other stories produced by Nobilis.  There are excerpts from my Eppie award winning erotic fantasy novel Woman of the Mountain and from my erotic sci-fi novel Man’s World, and you can also hear my erotic short story “Calendar Girl.”

If you want to read “Tourist” and other erotic time travel stories (including Nobilis Reed’s story “A Man, A Woman, And A Time Machine”) pick up the Circlet Press ebook, Like the Hand of Time, available at Circlet, Amazon and Smashwords.