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A VERY Happy New Year!

The Hour Between the Years

Round the dial the shadows run
To trace the path of solstice sun
‘Fore shadows claim the dial entire
And new moon climbs to heaven’s spire.

This day, the shortest of the year
Marks the spinning of the sphere,
One cycle spent, its seasons done
The solar tale renewed, begun.

But in the hour when seasons turn
That hour when blue candles burn,
To mark the pass of time’s own ghost
We’ll offer up a timeless toast.

To hope, to light, an end to fears!
In that hour between the years,
The hour when beasts may speak as men,
And long-dead loved ones live again.

A sacred spoke upon the wheel,
When all we dream is seeming real,
Not yesterday, nor the days ahead,
But an endless skein of the weaver’s thread.

I’ll hold you in that timeless time
And bind you with enchanter’s rhyme,
And time will stop, on this longest night,
And you will be my brightest light.

An hour, no more, oh precious span,
We cannot stay the sun’s own plan,
No plea avails, time scorns our tears,
And we pass the hour between the years.

But longest night gives birth to day
And we resume our destined way,
Reborn and strong, bright as the sun,
Our hopes, our love, renewed, begun.

Copyright 2007 Angela Caperton

Be Happy, Be Safe, and May Your New Year be Prosperous and Filled with Joy!