A Century of Dark Imagination – Conclusion

So we come to the last days before Halloween, a holiday that, whatever its origins, exists now as a celebration of imagination, the frisson of the unknown that survives our childhoods and gives us so many pleasant shivers.
Here are the films Drake and I chose from each decade in one easy-to-read list. If you watch any of them, I would love to hear your reactions.

Keep in mind this is the time to check out your listings for Turner Classic Movies, American Movie Classics, Chiller, IFC (Independent Film Channel), and SciFi Network!  There are some great horror movie marathons coming up!


1896 – 1910

Drake: The films of George Melies

1910 – 1919
Drake: The Student of Prague

1920 – 1929
Angela: Nosferatu
Drake: Haxan

1930 – 1939
Angela: The Hunchback of Notre Dame
Drake: The Mummy

1940 – 1949
Angela: The Picture of Dorian Gray
Drake: I Walked with a Zombie

1950 – 1959
Angela: I Married a Monster from Outer Space
Drake: Night of the Demon

1960 – 1969
Angela: The Haunting
Drake: Night of the Living Dead

1970 – 1979
Angela: Alien
Drake: Shivers

1980 – 1989
Angela: Poltergeist
Drake: The Howling

1990 – 1999
Angela: Army of Darkness
Drake: Audition

2000 – 2008
Angela: Ginger Snaps
Drake: Brotherhood of the Wolf

Have a happy and sexy Halloween!

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